Towards 50th

nsm 1963


Establishment of Saccardo, an electromechanical company manufacturing standard asynchronous motors. Gradually, during the years, its production has developed going towards the production of complex rotating electrical machines: spindle for marble's machines with protection grade IP 65; asynchronous frequency converters, with frequency until 400 Hz; high speed frequency motors with speed until 24.000 rpm.

nsm 1976


The company begins manufacturing generators having a frequency range of 50 to 400 Hz.
In particular, the last ones were manufactured for aeronautic and military applications. This quality increase in the field of technical project and designing was made involving engineers with long and specific international experience in this sector. Since 20 years Saccardo is one of the European leading companies on synchronous generators until 350 kVA.

sede torre


The company changes its name and company structure to Nuova Saccardo Motori Srl


2006 - 2008

NSM Generators and Amer combine forces. Amer Energy Network emerges.
NSM moves to the new production facilities.
The Permanent Magnet Generator and the 4P Brushless line are created.



PMG-WG, permanent magnet generator for wind application, is created.

Amer Energy Group